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What's the effect of using a tearing machine
Date: 2018-11-21    Hits: 229

Many people know that the tearing machine is mainly a new type of equipment about the tear of plastic products, which is seen everywhere in our existence, and many people call it the tearing machine. So, what's the problem? Many customers ask, what's the use of plastic bottles after being handled with plastic shredders? If some good quality plastic bottles are processed, they will flow to the market from the beginning, which is mainly applied to the construction of modified materials.

The polyester fiber soundproof and modified art board is obtained from recycled Coke bottles and mineral water bottles, and then is made by hot pressing. The earnest process of production is to break the coke bottles which are returned from the early stage, and then to granulate and spin. Cut the filament into a short fiber, after weighing and dividing cotton, according to the affirmative share, the equipment is mixed with different melting points and different colors.
Then through the equipment, the fiber is carded into the average fiber net. Through the needle, the fiber is tightly closed on the road, and the fiber cotton is formed. The fiber cotton is cooled by cold roll after hot setting, and it is cut into different size according to the demand.
On the advantage of the product, the polyester fiber sound - absorbing art board can draw 80% of the sound, and the weight of the table and chair is only half of the wood table and chair, and the environmental protection performance reaches the EO level. In view of its sound absorption, noise reduction, thermal insulation and other achievements, and the application of this material has also contributed greatly to the rapid development of mineral water bottles recycling industry.
After the plastic shredder is processed, the market of the mineral water bottle flask is processed with 4200-9600 yuan / ton, which is a kind of low capital investment and high yield equipment. The equipment production line mainly contains the mineral water bottle flakes after the machine, such as the mainframe of the machine, the feeder, the cleaning machine, the dry machine and so on. Fully arrived at drawing processing and other modified materials manufacturing and processing.


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